Saturday, March 14, 2009

Seeing the Whole person

Our dear friends and Keener's Godparents came over to dinner Friday night.  I should say that they brought me dinner, not that I made it.  What a wonderful treat to not cook and have friends over! You can check out Mary Lenaburg's blog here.  They have a son 19 (home from college for spring break) and a daughter 16.  Their son is so wonderful at playing with my boys.  They love roughhousing with him and playing on the Playstation with him.   Their daughter Courtney is a special gift from God.  She has her struggles here on earth more than anyone I have ever met, but she perseveres and has beaten the odds.   Non the less, she does have her daily struggles and must remain in her wheelchair most of the time and eat dinner on a separate time schedule.  So on Friday night, my children set the table as they usually do and set a place for Courtney, as they usually do.  It is not possible for Courtney to join us in sitting at the table, although she normally joins us from her chair right beside us.  What struck Mary about this seemingly small event of setting the table, was that my children always set a place for Courtney.  My children are able to see Courtney as the whole person that God created.  Many people would pass over her and not set a place for her, as if she was not entitled to eat with the rest of us!  I am no perfect person by any stretch of the imagination, but it does make me proud that my children see the beauty and humanity in every person.  I hope that they will always set a place for Courtney.

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V-squared said...

Thanks for the lovely is nice to hear the kids are growing up to be kind and thoughtful. Should probably give the credit to their teacher! Also, thanks for putting the link to Mary's blog; the previous link I had did not work! (I signed the petition against the FOCA, by the way).