Sunday, May 17, 2009

70 & 69

Today was a special day for two very special people in my life, my step father and my father-in- law. Today was my Stepfather's 69th Birthday and the day that my Father in Law (aka Granfer) celebrated his 70th birthday. (His Birthday was last week).
I have known my stepfather for almost 25 years now. It is hard to imagine my life before he was a part of it. Of course we have had our ups and downs, but the thing I truly love about him is that he loves me for me. He knows I'm crazy and sometimes messy and disorganized, he knows that I have a bad temper, but he never judges me. It is hard to find someone who can love you for yourself, the good and the bad. It is amazing that it happens to be my stepfather. So rather than wish him a happy birthday, I think I'll wish him "Happy Birthdays!" I hope to spend another 25 years with him as a part of my life.
My father in law is special because he is the father of Honey, but I know I'd like him even if I wasn't related. He is has so many interests and talents that you can always have a good conversation with him. Also, He truly loves his family and both my mother -in-law and he make family a priority. This devotion and love to their family is a character trait that I hope that my children learn from them. Happy Birthday Granfer!. May you have many more!
Every family needs good examples to follow and I am very blessed to have these two great men in my life.
The two photos are from Granfer's party.

Next year I'll have to be with my Stepfather for his big 7-0!

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