Saturday, May 30, 2009

Men and planning.

  Okay, so every woman who has planned a wedding knows that a man just does not get it  where planning is concerned.  Most men think that it is something that you whip up in a day at the most (Yeah right! We wish!)  So although this is not about a wedding it is about planning.
          Today Christopher's Scout pack had a camping trip.  Because we have lacrosse games and other activities to deal with tomorrow, I allowed him to go, but not camp.  I planned on picking him up at the end of their campfire event 9:30 pm, so that he would miss nothing other than sleeping outside.  At 9:00 pm as I was getting ready to walk out the door, I get a worried phone call from one of the dad's.  "I don't think you will be able to get into the campgrounds, they close the gates at 9:00"  
           I replied, "Uhhh, actually they close the entrance gate and tell everyone who is camping to use the exit gate if you need to enter after hours."
         "Oh are you sure, I don't think so.  They said we were going to be locked in." 
 What is this? Prison or a campground?
            I assured him of the facts and left to pick up Christopher.  I had actually camped there last year with the girl scouts so I was familiar with this rule.  The reason I knew about this particular rule though, is not because I needed to leave, but because as soon as I heard that they closed the gate, I asked how would I get out in an emergency.  See what I mean? Planning...????
        Guy's never think about what would happen in the worst case scenario.  Gals do.  We have to protect our family.  Our kids safety comes first.  Think about it.  Is it most often Dad's or Mom's that throw their kids in the air and catch them? Let them run off in the woods by themselves?  Let them ride a bike without their bike helmet? Let them use the opposite sex bathroom by themselves? Make the kids wear sunscreen? etc.   
         Mom's by nature protect first.  That is the battle a mom has with child-rearing... letting them become independent.  Letting them fly on their own.  It is not an easy path to watch my little ducks slowly leave the nest.  I can hopefully guide them on their journey, but I will have to sit and watch as they each fly away hoping that I taught them well and praying that they don't find too many obstacles on their way.

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