Thursday, May 28, 2009

Visit from Afghanistan

This is a picture of Honey and S-- while they were both in Afghanistan.

             Last night, Honey's friend and former Afghanistan coworker S--came over for dinner with his wife.  We had a great time visiting a eating dinner.  The kids were crazy of course, but reasonably well behaved.  Christopher challenged S- to a game of air hockey and he won one game and S- won the other.  Thankfully!  Christopher tends to win the game quite a bit and can be unbearable if he doesn't loose every once in a while!  
   Of course, per my typical luck I clogged the kitchen sink 5 minutes before they were supposed to come.  Ughhhh!  Twice in one week! This time it was completely my fault for sending too much down the disposal at once.    Just for the record, I can disassemble and reassemble the sink drain pipes, drain the sink, clean up the water and get rid of the clog in under 5 minutes!  Go Me!!!
  Of course as I was changing for bed I realized that I was wearing my sweater inside out. (ALL DAY!!!)  I guess I congratulated myself too early.  It sort of removes the sink victory if I can't pass Dressing Yourself 101!  I guess I need to go back to being 3 again!

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