Sunday, May 17, 2009

Shame on you.

      Now that the deed is done, I want to voice my disgust over Notre Dame and the Obama situation.  I am very disappointed in the administration of Notre Dame.  They had a moral obligation to their students, staff, alumni  and fellow Catholics to stand behind the values that they purport to represent.  I have a big problem with any religious institution that does not hold firm on its values.  That is the whole point of a religious institution, to provide moral guidance.  What is a religion if not a moral compass for your life?  It is necessary for the leaders of a religion to stand firm on questions of morality.  It is especially annoying since it is my religion that is not holding firm.  I had a huge problem with the Episcopalian Church over this very issue of being fickle and it was part of why I converted to Catholicism.  It makes little difference what moral decision the school is not representing, it is the mere fact that Notre Dame did not have the guts to say, "We're wrong, We are proud of what you have accomplished Mr. Obama, but we can not bestow an honorary degree to you since your values are so different from ours."  Why would it have been so hard to do this?  
       Of course Mr Obama is also to blame.  An honorable man would have had the courage to say, "Notre Dame, I do not wish to be the cause of friction within the school on what is supposed to be a joyful day for the students.  I will speak, but decline to accept the degree."  Did he really "need" this honorary degree?   I would call it greed.  Of course it was not really fair of Notre Dame to leave him with that choice.  Nonetheless, a courageous and honorable man would have done the right thing and not worried about the consequences.  Not to mention the fact that it would have made the administration of Notre Dame look like the fools the are.
  Whatever happened to courage and honor?
   I am reminded of the story that Randy Pausch tells about his father.  After his father died, his mother found a  Bronze Star for Valor (56 minutes into lecture).  One of the highest military honors.  He never told his family.   He did not need a list of awards.  He lived his life as an honorable man, he did not need proof of his accomplishments.  He knew how he lived his life.  As the saying goes, "You can't take it with you."  Shame on you Notre Dame.  I am sure that I echo the sentiments of many Catholics,  my children will NOT be attending your school.  

Here is the Randy Pausch video if you have never seen it before.  It is well worth the hour of your life to watch it. 

Deuteronomy 31:6
Be strong and courageous. 
Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, 
for the LORD your God goes with you; 
he will never leave you nor forsake you."

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