Saturday, May 9, 2009

Another busy Saturday

               Some days I wonder why I just don't drive a real bus for a living.  Drop off here and there and try to watch five minutes of a game before running off to the next one.  Today was like that, a busy Saturday, but enjoyable.  I love seeing the kids having fun and spending time with their friends.  I love watching them succeed in sports.    It makes them happy and brings them joy.
             Today, Rolo played catcher in T-ball and by the end of the inning he was really getting the hang of it.  He had learned to go to home plate and wait for a throw.  Of course when he was trying to get up with all the gear on, he didn't see  the pitcher throw "him" the ball.  So, he got to home plate and waited for a throw while the ball sat in the grass about 5 feet behind him.  It got quite a good-natured chuckle from the parents, myself included.


Keener had her own adventures while Rolo played.  She was constantly trying to escape (as Usual).  As I have captured here ===>>>  Doesn't she look all sweet and innocent?

  That's just an act to lure you into thinking that she won't climb the fence, run in the street, run onto the ball field, etc.  Sneaky little devil.....

She also enjoyed the caterpillar that I found.  No, she did not kill it, but once we put "her" caterpillar back in the woods, she was insistent that all other caterpillars were hers and that the other boys and girls needed to give them to her.   Can we say "Diva!!"

            Christopher finally got to play goalie today in Lacrosse.  He was so excited.  He played goalie in 3 of the quarters.  He made a save and didn't allow any points.  Pretty good for a first time at goalie.  I didn't get to see him play because the game was at the far side of the next county (Stafford, VA).  He instead got to ride with his coach.  The coach's son J and Christopher get along great.  They are like two peas in a pod.  So it was a real treat for him to get to spend so much time with J.  
   Christopher also had a baseball game this afternoon.  He managed to get three singles.  They were good solid hits.  It is good to see him doing well in baseball too, but I don't think he will be playing both much longer.  His love is lacrosse. The two sports this spring would be a lot easier to manage if Honey was here, but I had decided last spring to let Christopher play both sports. I thought we'd give it a try, but I think that we have just gotten lucky that the sports have not conflicted more, I don't think we would be that lucky again.
    Elizabeth also had a lacrosse game.  I did not get to see that much of hers since I was with Rolo at his game.  Her team won again.  They are undefeated.  I am amazed at the talent of not only the players but the coaches as well.  This Annandale Lacrosse program is so well run.  I am really lucky that we got referred to this program by Honey's "Bad Backs" lacrosse team friend.
   The only downside of the day was that the last baseball field had ticks. YUCK!!!!
 I found three on Keener.  I have to tell myself that God made them to feed other creatures.  I am enough of a country girl to know how to get rid of them quickly and not scream, but I still don't like them.
    In between all this running around, I had a 40 minute lull with nothing to do, so I went to the camera shop and replaced the camera lens that I broke the other day when I dropped the camera.  It annoys me that it is cheaper to buy a new one than to have the old one repaired.  I would much rather be less wasteful and have it repaired, but it wasn't an option that I had.  So here's a picture of the new lens.  I hope you like it Honey.  I can not wait to have my small camera again.  Obviously I am a little klutzy with the big camera.

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