Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Preschool Picnic

          Rolo finished his second year with Mrs. H from St. Matthew's Weekday School.  She is such a great teacher.  She was also Christopher's teacher when he was 4.  Honey met up with her son in the mess hall one day in Afghanistan.  It sure is a small world.  It has been nice to have someone else who is doing the deployment at the same time.  I feel like I am not alone since we have seen each other so much with school.  
          Today the school had their annual end of year  family picnic.  I had an extra little person with me since C--'s mom could not make it.   I am used to being with her since I have been taking her to school once a week all year.*  She is a very happy little girl and a great addition to a picnic.  Here  are a few pictures from the picnic.  It's Pirate Day if you couldn't already guess.
*(Her mom's legally blind and can't drive.) 
Keener sliding & Swinging.
 Christopher is on the phone with Daddy.    Pirate Rolo.
  My girls unbalanced.

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