Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!-

These are the flowers that Honey sent me for Mother's Day.    The yellow rose is from Elizabeth.  Her team handed them out to the girls to give to their mothers.  Thanks Honey!  Thanks Elizabeth!

            Elizabeth was planning on making me breakfast on Mother's Day, but being her Mother's child, she slept late and didn't get to do it because we had to get to Mass.  That's okay, I am glad that she was at least thinking about making me something.  She gathered an assortment of homemade presents to give me.  Little cards and hearts cut out, very sweet.  She also got me a pin that says #1 Mom.    After Mass we ran off to her second Lacrosse game of the weekend.  My neighbor let the boys stay with her, so I only had Keener to chase.  She was quite the little lunatic running away at this field.
   Luckily for me she was running toward the fence which was somewhat of a barrier...  She climbs remember!!!
I love her adventurous spirit, but it sure is hard to be patient with her while she explores.
          Here is a picture of my chair that wonders why it never gets any use... I wonder why?....
  Poor chair, it must feel like it did something to hurt my feelings.

      I did actually get to sit a little bit, since Keener was getting sick and fell asleep in my arms.  Yes, that's right.  I did say sick!  It wouldn't be Mother's Day without being reminded of how to take care of sick children.    I had assumed Keener was just tired and had gotten sunstroke until Christopher came down with a fever last night and got the stomach bug by midday today.  Oh, Happy Day!  So now Rolo is sick too!  Happy Mother's Day to me.  The best news for me is that this week marks the supposed halfway point for Honey.  It has gone by quickly because of all the activities.  I am glad that we have been busy because it is certainly a distraction from moping.  The nice part of the Day came when Honey called while I was at the Lacrosse game.  It was nice to chat with him for a few minutes. 

 He got to talk with Elizabeth as well, so that made her day extra special.  Here's a photo of her talking with Daddy after her team won the game.  So far they are undefeated.  Yeah Inferno!


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