Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Day at the beach with Sharks

I decided that since the weather was nice, I should take the kids to the beach for the day.  What better way to learn about sealife?  I called Nana and Granfer to have them meet us, packed up the kids, got my fellow homeschooling neighbor to join in and we were off to the beach.  It's only an hour away.  We went to the same beach that Christopher and Rolo had gone to with Boy Scouts (Brownie Beach/Bay Front Park). We saw lots of small jellyfish in the waves at the shore.  This is typical of the Chesapeake Bay.  We found a good amount of sharks teeth.  The beach is filled with them.  I don't quite know why the teeth hunting is so good there, but you can find them easily any day.  I prepared the kids for the trip with a little mini lesson on sharks.  I think it was a good diversion and a great way to spend the day.
The A's are Elizabeth's, the B's are Rolo's and the C's are Christopher's.  The other extra is Keener's.  Of course I "helped" them find a lot of them.  It is funny how once you get the hang of it, shark teeth are very easy to find.  Granfer was the teacher to all the kids.  
Here's Rolo with one that he found.  He was being shy for the camera, he was not being squemish about the tooth.
Granfer used to take Honey and Honey's brothers shark teeth hunting when they were kids.  What a great way to let the family fun continue with the next generation. Here's a picture of the kids at the end of their adventures. Happy faces are my reward from them for the day.
After our beach fun, Nana and Granfer rewarded me with a late lunch/early dinner.  Yeah!  I didn't have to cook!  Here's Nana with Rolo.
Here's Keener trying to steal a Lobster!  Gotcha!Here are the kids humoring me by posing for a picture after a long day.

What is it about water that makes kids want to get in it or throw stuff in it?

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