Saturday, May 23, 2009


          Kitty has been with us for 2 days longer than our puppy dog.  He is a very sweet cat, but likes to hide out in my room all day.  Whenever I go on vacation though, he is VERY friendly to whomever is taking care of him.  He comes out and follows them around.  I guess he doesn't like me that much since he never follows me around, but that's okay  it doesn't hurt my feelings.  When we lived in Hawaii, he would go outside to hunt mice and birds, but thankfully he never brought me any "presents".  I personally consider that to be the perfect cat.  He can hunt, so I get a mouse free home, but since he doesn't want to share, I have never had to deal with the "gifts" from my cat.  I wonder if I could train our next cat to not like me enough to bring me presents?
           While Honey has been gone Kitty has been on a strict diet to get rid of his extra weight.  Because of this he meows for food to try to "trick" me into feeding him again.  Elizabeth has the duty of feeding him, so he hopes that I do not know when he has been fed.  Bad Kitty!  Hopefully he will be a thinner and healthier cat once Honey returns.
  Here is a photo of him begging for food.

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