Sunday, May 24, 2009

Boys and Balls

          Boys will be boys but they are foreigners to me!  As many times as I say "Don't bounce, throw, catch, hit, shoot or pass balls in the house, I still get footballs flying past me and balls hitting me in the head.  Here is Christopher ready to pass the football and Rolo bouncing a ball.   I know they will grow up fast and I will miss this. Although sometimes it seems hard to imagine. 
          I had the privilege of a break from the kids this weekend  while my sister took the kids to spend two nights and a day with her.  It was eerie being in church without them and all the noise and distraction.  It was funny how different of an experience it was to not have them with me.   I missed them even though I  actually got to hear all the bible readings, sing all the songs and hear the homily.  It definitely made me appreciate them more to have them gone for a little while.

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