Monday, May 4, 2009

It comes in 3's

Isn't there a saying that trouble comes in 3's? Well I thought it was supposed to be spread out a little bit.  So here's my three: within 24 hours the dryer broke, the car died, and Rolo got an ear infection. My sister "broke" the dryer while drying 1 pair of undies for her child.  Okay, really it was the rollers and the belt, but literally that was all that was in it when it croaked!  I mean really, who knew that a 2 oz pair of underwear could break a dryer!
Here's a picture of the culprit. 

 I know you're asking, why would I put something as boring as a dryer onto the blog.  Well, because it's MY blog, not yours!  Okay, really it's because I actually really like this dryer and am willing to get it repaired until I no longer can.  Thankfully I got to see my appliance repair buddy, who fixed the dryer 4 years ago when the motor died and fixed the washer last year when I cracked the plastic cylinder that holds ALL the water for the washer.  Now THAT was a mess when that cracked!  
   The car died in the Krispy Kreme Drive through, thankfully I was at the window and already had my doughnuts!  I can think of worse places to have the car die.  Thank goodness we have USAA, it is so easy to get the car towed with them.  They got the car to my mechanic, my friend picked me up and all was well.  My mechanic told me today that it was the alternator that was broken.  Apparently it was the original one and the car is 16 years old and has over 200K miles on it.  I was especially lucky since the last trip in the car was to downtown Baltimore.  Thank God I did not break down there!  
     I love my mechanic because he tries to prevent things like this from happening to me and I had literally just gotten the car back from him last week.  We had a nice laugh today about how he missed this one!  Apparently my car did not create the typical signs of a failing alternator.  When he was recreating the situation  in the car by driving it (it was randomly starting and working in short bursts), he too had to call a tow truck because he got stuck when it died. He luckily figured out the problem in his time waiting for the tow truck.  I think I still had a better wait than he did though,  I got to eat fresh Krispy Kreme doughnuts!
                 I like seeing my repairmen to catch up on their lives, but it sure is always quite an expensive conversation!  Maybe I should just start calling them once a month to prevent my seeing them.

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