Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Helen Keller Effect

No offense to Helen Keller but before she met Annie (Her teacher), I think she probably drove her family nuts.  She was like a big two year old.  The scene from The Miracle Worker (the movie about Helen Keller) that really sticks in my mind happens the day Annie arrives.  The family is sitting down to dinner and Helen is walking around the table eating a little bit of food from everyone's plate.  Annie is appalled that they allow Helen to do this.  I agree with Annie.  It's hard to imagine why they tolerated this.  So in our family, every time someone tries to eat off someone else's plate, we say "Helen, could you please stop!"  Keener constantly will get out of her chair at meals and then tries to climb into my lap and eat my food.  Yesterday she was having a very "Helen" day.  I'm wondering when my "Annie" will show up...  

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