Friday, May 15, 2009

I told you so

This one's for you Honey.  "I told you so!"  I told you to take your lacrosse sticks with you, but nooooooo, you didn't think you would be able to use them.  Instead I got the pleasure of sending this REALLY long, skinny,  and heavy box to you with the sticks.  It was more difficult to find boxes to use than anything else.   I ended up creating one out of two other boxes.  Trying to cut and tape boxes into shape was not an easy task.   I think there is more tape on that Box than there is cardboard.  I used a whole roll of packing tape!  It probably didn't help that I added Gatoraid, snack mix, lacrosse balls, stuff from the kids, a camera and Easter eggs to the box.  It was VERY Heavy and awkward in the end.  Yes, I did say Easter eggs.  We dyed raw eggs and blew out the yolks.  The kids thought it was interesting to blow out the yolks, but very hard.   I hoped that none would break, so Honey could have fun smashing them.  We made them for Honey to break, not for safekeeping. They all arrived safely. (Unfortunately, because now Honey says I'm in charge of packing everything breakable!) Honey says he thinks he'll use them for target practice.  I told him he had to take a video or picture for us to see.  Sounds like a fun target.  I guess it puts a whole new spin on hunting an egg when you take a gun...   

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