Friday, May 22, 2009


           I think that Honey will come home to a whole new house and car.   I finally got Honey's car back from the shop.  It is really hard to try to fit into my schedule picking up the car, but luckily my neighbor goes to the same mechanic, so when she dropped off her car, she picked up mine and got a ride back to get hers.  That was a huge help.  So now that the mechanic has another mortgage payment from me, the kitchen sink decided to clog up.  Ahhhhhh!  will it never end?! The plunger, liquid plumber* and the 15 foot plumbing snake were of no help.  So as my dishes sat piled up around my sink last night, I realized that I was going to have to call a plumber.  Luckily for me, I got a night off from cleaning my sink!!!! So this morning, I took the approach from my brother in law: start calling plumbers until you get an appointment, never a maybe.  Especially since it is Memorial Day Weekend!!!  It only took 2 phone calls, a lot of $$$ and 2.5 hours to clear it, but I now have an operational kitchen sink-the central lifeline of my house.    The clog was 56 feet down the pipe!!!  He also fixed (for free!!) the toilet handle which conveniently broke off yesterday as well.  Happy Days!
* Personally I see it as a bad sign that when I bought the Liquid Plumber, a coupon for Roto Rooter popped out.  It did not give me much confidence in the Liquid Plumber.  Luckily? they have a "money back guarantee" if it doesn't work.  I think that means I get to lend them my $8 for three months and they might mail me a check, but they are hoping I will forget about it.

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