Sunday, May 24, 2009


            Christopher loved the Navy Blue Angels so much that he made his own lego ship out of them.  Super Cool Sweetheart!  Luckily for Mommy he does not want to be one.  They have such a high mortality that I would be happier if my Christopher was not a pilot, but it is of course God's will not mine, so I have to make the best no matter what.
  The kids have been very creative lately.  Here's once from Christopher.  Can you tell he's a sport's nut?  He is constantly telling me sports scores and giving me updates on games.
This one is from Rolo.  He made it in Preschool.  This is his "beach".  See the shells and the net.  I think it's adorable.  Luckily a picture will be a good reminder in the years to come because the "beach" is very crumbly and already destroyed from boy abuse.

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